What makes our bones grow?

Published: 08th August 2009
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There are 206 bones in the human body, but this is not always the case. The number of our bones actually decreases as we get older as some of our individual bones fuse into a single segment. Bones serve a number of important functions - mainly the ability to take shape, stand tall and move as well as protecting the vital organs of the human body including the heart and lungs encased in the rib cage. Bones like the rest of our body are a living organism, these structures need to be looked after and maintained. To maintain bone density and strength weight bearing exercises need to be preformed, as well as providing the body calcium to feed the bone nutrients.

While a child is in the mother womb and for several months after birth the skeleton have very little bones. These bones start out as cartilage but soon grow into true bone, this process is known as endochodral ossification.

To keep bones health for growth they need nutrients, bones store 54% of the bodies magnesium, 86% of its phosphate, and 99% of our calcium. Calcium is the most essential nutrient for keeping bones health and strong for bone growth, but it also plays other extremely vital roles around the body. Muscles cannot contract without calcium, the blood cannot clot and certain enzymes can not function.

Nutrients other than calcium are needed to keep bones healthy and in good repair. Vitamin D stimulates the body to absorb calcium and phosphorus. To keep the human bone healthy there is a mechanism to repair and rejuvenate old and damaged tissue that can make the bone weaker, with new strong bone material. Cells called Osteoblasts unite at the point where bone repair will take place. They bind with minerals absorbed from the blood stream and new bone is created.

When the body is supplied with the essential nutrients at the proper level the operation of the thyrod and pituitary glands the body reacts in a faster and prolonged growth metoblism, which leads to a human growing taller than if they didn't have the correct balance of nutrients. But this bone growth is not the only way to grow tall, but of course it helps. Our posture can adversely after our height, this is on way to increase our height naturally by an inch or so but combined with spinal exercises height can increase naturally at any age on average 3-6 inches. If you want to learn Visit us to know how to grow taller naturally get all the techniques here fast

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